Plenum Spacer for
350Z G35


Motordyne ART Pipes

On the driver side floor panel heat shield there is a M6 stud that protrudes down about 1”. This stud will create an interference fit. Trim the stud flush down to the panel to allow for ART pipe clearance. Install all the bolts for the ART pipes only finger tight, then adjust rotation/alignments as needed, then tighten all the bolts working from front to back starting at the inlet to the brace to the outlet.

Tighten bolts to 70 ft/lbs torque. Checking and retightening the bolts is recommended after ~100 miles of driving to insure a good permanent seal. The vibration dampening bracket on the side branch resonator must be connected to the catalytic converter brace. Failure to do so may cause the pipe to eventually crack and voids warranty.



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Maxima Exhaust

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Plenum Spacer & MREV2 Manifold

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ART Pipe

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Shockwave Exhaust

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