I was looking at your mrev2 and 5/16th iso thermal for my 6mt g35.  I was wondering if there is a drop in the mpg once installed.  If there is, I wanted to know how much?

No, in fact, there are many people who posted that it has increased their gas mileage as long as they weren’t stomping on the gas pedal.


I currently have the 2003 287hp motor with the kinetix upper plenum and i was wondering if a mrev2 or 5/16th spacer combined with thekinetix upper plenum would make a difference in power. the kinetixplenum is a little bigger than stock?

The MREV2 is an option, but because you already have a plenum spacer, it will add another 2-6 HP at various parts of the power curve. Predominantly in the midrange.


I’m going to reset the ecu once i’m finished w/the install. i was reading all the steps in you manual as to how to do this but at the end it say that “if the above does not work, disconnect the battery negative and pump the brake to discharge the ecu capacitors”.should i just do that instead of all the other procedures?

You can reset the ECU with the brake pedal if you like.  Its really easy to do but it will also erase your radio presets.  The ECU reset by the pedal method takes a little more time but it does not erase your radio presets like the battery disconnect method.


Will the spacer work on my 2005 35th Anniversary model 350Z (with Rev-up engine)?

No.  The spacer by itself doesn’t do anything on the stock REVUP lower collector.  It must be used with the MREV2.  When used together, it makes the most effective bolt-on short of nitrous or turbo.  A minimum 15HP and 18TQ.  Many independent tests have dynodin excess of 20HP and 30 TQ. If you can only do one or the other, do the MREV2 first.  It will make substantial upper midrange gains.  You can always add the spacer later for additional power at high RPM .

What is the main difference between the BASIC PLENUM, ISO THERMAL PLENUM, AND COPPER ISO THERMAL PLENUM? What exactly is the difference between the 3?

The Iso Thermal systems allow the plenum assembly to run much cooler than stock and are good for about 1-2 HP more than the basic spacers. The regular Iso Thermal is generally for warm climates like California, Texas and Florida where it may only occasionally go below freezing. The Copper Iso Thermal systems are set and forget and they are compatible with any climate hot or cold.


How important is it to install the ccv. i live in an area where it doesn’t get that cold.should i install it and leave it closed?

Its not necessary to install the CCV but it is better if you do.  Iso Thermal does not make HP but it does prevent the loss of it.  Its good for about 1-2 HP by preventing excessive plenum heat soak as your engine becomes hot.  And yes, you will generally leave the CCV closed.  Iso Thermal or Copper Iso Thermal is beneficial no matter how hot or cold it gets in your area.  Cooler, denser air


Why would I want to shut off coolant flow to my plenum with the coolant control valve? Wont the plenum run hoter without it?

No.  Its actually the other way around.  Hot coolant is flowed directly out of the engine (at about 210’F) and into the plenum assembly.  The purpose of this is to heat the plenum which in turn heats the attached throttle body.  The throttle body is heated to prevent ice formation on the throttle body butterfly valve when driving in very cold weather.  This is to prevent lean stalling of the engine when you let off the gas. But it is not always necessary to heat the entire plenum assembly. In fact, better engine performance can be attained by not heating the plenum assembly.


A hot plenum assembly heats the incoming air and hot air increases the tendency for ping and reduces air density. So weather you live in a hot or cold environment, other than to prevent throttle body ice formation, there is no need to heat up the incoming air charge.


Can you provide me with any feedback about how your product might affect the Nissan warranty?

Like any other bolt on modification, it will not affect your warranty unless it is found to be the cause of the problem.  If installed correctly, it is very unlikely to cause a problem or adversely affect warranty.

Are typical increases for RevUp motors (as depicted by the dyno charts) for stock motors. Will a stock motor see 15+ hp/18+ tq you quote?

  • Yes.  The gains are the same on both stock or highly modified vehicles.


Installation seems straightforward, but should I bring it to a mechanic?

Most people do it themselves in about 1.5 hours but if you don’t feel comfortable with doing it, bring it to a local shop.  For a better idea of what is involved with the installation, download a copy of the installation manual from our website.