Nissan 350Z

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  • Ceramic ART

    Advanced Resonance Tuning (ART test pipes) for the HR engine



    ART pipes for increased power and torque without the drastic increase in loudness normally associated with test pipes.   ART pipes provide the quietest, smoothest, deepest sound of any test pipe while greatly reducing or eliminating rasp and drone.  The difference in sound is not subtle.  They’re not conventional test pipes. They’re ART pipes!


    Dyno test on the HR engine.


    Dyno Test 1

    Dyno Test 2

  • large_Motordyne Adjustable Sway Bars

    Adjustable Sway Bars for the 350Z and G35


    The Motordyne adjustable sway bars.   Chrome Molly alloy construction for extra rigidity.  Fit like stock but allow for a more solid stance and much less body roll during hard cornering.  These swaybars also uniquely designed to allow additional clearance for tight fitting dual exhaust systems. With a adjustable stiffness increase of 120%-%180 the Motordyne adjustable sway bars keep your car driving tight and level through the corners.

  • large_Motordyne_XYZ_Pipe_$395

    Motordyne XYZ Pipe


    The Motordyne XYZ pipe – A super merge collector with multiple applications on Motordyne exhaust systems. Made of the highest quality components and craftsmanship, it is a design optimized on the dyno. The XYZ is more than just a Y-pipe. It is a modular exhaust part with many applications. Its a X pipe. Its a Y pipe. Its a Z pipe. It is the starting point of a fully variable exhaust system with many different configurations and applications. Naturally aspirated or for Forced Induction, the XYZ pipe can be used to build single, dual or True Dual X pipe exhaust systems.

    Let Motordyne help you configure an exhaust to your application. We are a email or phone call away.

  • large_xyzstraightpipe89

    XYZ Straight Pipe


    Straight pipe module for XYZ pipe. For a louder, brighter sound.

  • large_xyzresonator139

    XYZ Resonator


    Resonator module for XYZ pipe. For a warmer sound with reduced or eliminated rasp.

  • large_xyzcatalyticconverter249

    XYZ Catalytic Converter


    Catalytic convertor module for XYZ pipe. For reduced rasp and reduced noxious emissions.

  • large_ShockWave)))_Axle_Back_Passenger_Side__$199

    ShockWave))) V1 Axle Back Passenger Side


    ShockWave))) driver side axle back section. For dual systems only.

  • large_ShockWave)))_Axle_Back_Driver_Side__$199

    ShockWave))) V1 Axle Back Driver Side


    ShockWave))) driver side axle back section. For single and dual systems.

  • large_Polished_V_Band_Flange_$22

    Polished V Band Flange


    3″ stainless steel V-band flange. Light weight, race quality, self sealing exhaust system flanges that can’t rust or blow out like regular flange/gaskets systems.

  • large_Heavy_Duty_V_Band_Clamp_$35

    Heavy Duty V Band Clamp


    3″ V-band clamp for Motordyne exhaust systems and components. A light weight, race quality, exhaust system clamp for uncompromising build standards.