Long Tube Headers W/Helmholtz Resonator VQ37VHR)

370Z Long Tube XYZ stepped headers with Helmholtz module for sound tailoring.   The highest performance header design available to the VQ37VHR engine innovated with versatile modularity and fabricated with the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials.

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The Motordyne Long Tube Headers have a Modular design.  The following modules are available:

  1. Straight pipe
  2. Side branch Helmholtz resonator
  3. Catalytic converter

These modules allow for a quick change in configuration.  Changing configuration of normal headers is a serious undertaking on the VQ37VHR.  Many professional installation shops will require a day or two or more to install headers.  Some road course races, and time attack events require catalytic converters installed, which without this modularity, you would have to plan ahead to change out the headers.


What Makes the Motordyne LTXYZ headers so special?

With the Modular Design of the Motordyne LTXYZ you can change out the modules yourself, in your own driveway, in ~30 minutes or less. Simply put your vehicle up on jack stands for access to the undercarriage where the modules are openly located.  The modules are removed by 2 bolts and 1 clamp, on each side, making them easy to change out.

Interchangeable modules for different functions, applications, performance, and sound.  If you know you may want to, or need to, change the functionality of your headers, the innovation of modularity is a small feature that makes a big difference.


Quality Craftsmanship

The flanges, tubing and clamps are constructed entirely of stainless steel 304L alloy.  The tubing is polished to further enhance their corrosion resistance.  All TIG welding is performed with argon back purging for oxidation free welds on the inner and outer surfaces.



The stepped header design optimizes HP/TQ while being biased a bit toward top end HP by utilizing an expanding flow design.  The primaries start at 1-5/8″ stepped up to 1.75″ leading to a 2.5″ merge collector with an internal spike diffuser.

Analysis of Long Tube Headers and Scavenging.

Independent dyno comparison of a 370Z tuned with ART pipes Vs the same 370Z retuned with the LTXYZ.

Review of 370Z tuned with ART test pipes Vs 370Z retuned with LTXYZ.

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Not for AWD vehicles.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 14 in