Advanced Resonance Tuning Down Pipes 3.0L RWD

ADVANCED RESONANCE TUNING (ART) for the VR30DDTT turbo engine. Through years of research and development into exhaust system fluid dynamics, acoustics experiments and dyno testing a new pathway to performance has been developed to improve engine performance and sound with tuned Helmholtz resonance.     By tuning the Helmholtz resonators to the engine exhaust stroke  phase and frequency, exhaust is vacuumed out of the engine on a periodic basis. Power is increased while rasp and drone are decreased.   Exotic sound and increased engine performance come together with Advanced Resonance Tuning (TM).

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Advanced Resonance Tuning – ART Pipes 

Motordyne ART pipes increase power and torque by synchronizing Helmholtz resonators to the engines exhaust stroke.  During an engine exhaust stroke the exhaust gasses exit like a shotgun blast or shockwave traveling through the exhaust manifold and turbine and into the down pipes.  With ART pipes, part of the blast flows straight through the down pipe (at a lower pressure) and part of the blast goes into the resonance chamber.   This divergent pathway for exhaust flow momentarily reduces the exhaust pressure behind the turbine and allows the engine cylinders to more easily expel their exhaust gasses.  After the engine cylinder exhaust valve closes to begin its next intake cycle, the Helmholtz resonance chamber releases its  accumulated exhaust gas back into the  exhaust system (at a lower pressure).  Once the Helmholtz resonance chamber is depleted of pressure it begins its intake cycle just in time for the following exhaust stroke where the Helmholtz chamber is now vacuuming in exhaust flow.   The alternating pumping action of the resonator is synchronized to the power band exhaust stroke and the cycle repeats indefinitely.    This is advanced resonance tuning (ART).


When the phase and frequency of the Helmholtz resonator and engine are in sync, the exhaust pressure is momentarily reduced, at the right time, allowing the engine and turbine to make more power.


A side effect of the resonance tuning is that the blast or shockwave energy flowing through the catback exhaust is more evenly spread out and at reduced intensity.   Peak exhaust pressures and Mach numbers are reduced.   The audible side effect is a cleaner engine sound with less rasp and less drone.

American Quality Craftsmanship

Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel and polished to further enhance corrosion resistance. All TIG welded with argon purge inside and out for tough, porosity free welds.

Developed, patented and made in the USA. 

They’re not just any down pipe. They’re ART pipes!

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 19 × 13 in