7&8 Gen Maxima Exhaust

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  • The 7GM Shockwave))) Exhaust System

    Nissan Maxima Exhaust – Shockwave)))



    A very high quality build, completely polished, TIG welded Stainless Steel exhaust utilizing carefully tuned Helmholtz resonators for precise sound control. Provides a bright and deep warble with high detail in the exhaust note.    Fits 2009-Present Generation Maxima.

  • Hydrofluoric_Acid/Maxima - 7GM ART Y-pipe

    Nissan Maxima ART Y-pipe


    Through countless hours of research on the VQ engine, a new path has been explored in the never ending quest for performance. The Advanced Resonance Tuning (ART)

    Side branch resonator providing a smooth deep sound with more power and torque and significantly less rasp, hiss and drone than a regular straight pipe. The difference in power and sound is not subtle.