Motordyne USA – Infusing rocket science and aerospace technologies into automotive performance parts, innovating faster, more powerful and higher quality performance components to aerospace standards. High performance quality parts for Nissan and Infinitis. No other brand has the experience, skill set, and r&d the Motordyne Engineering has.

After 10 years of continuous hard work, Motordyne is growing more rapidly than ever before. With the extraordinary success Motordyne had in its engineering efforts and performance improvements for the Z and G community, it is our duty to deliver, if not exceed the expectations on our prior developments.  Please follow us on our social channels and check back often to find out what other vehicle enhancements Motordyne will be engineering next.

Ever since Motordyne was founded, there has only been one mission: the mission to deliver the highest quality modifications enthusiast’s desire at a reasonable price. For the past 10 years, Motordyne had successfully earned its reputation as delivering quality, performance and reliability.

Through countless independent dyno reviews from satisfied customers, we take the expectation of our power hungry enthusiasts to a higher level of trust and confidence.  One thing is certain – no matter the challenge, Motordyne’s innovative breakthroughs will continue to evolve to give you more modification options than ever before.